our experience.

One stop shop

We offer comprehensive and customised solutions from a single source for our customers and yours at home and abroad.

This starts with the development of an article idea, continues through design and production to assembly and printing, and ends with storage and logistics.

Flexibility, adherence to deadlines, customised solutions and personal contact are very important to us when processing your orders. We can respond quickly to challenges.

Design & Development

Do you have an idea, a project or a plan? Great, because we have the expertise, decades of experience, we are flexible and innovative. We would be happy to support you in the practical realisation of your ideas by working hand in hand and using modern technologies.

Our design engineers are involved right from the start in order to develop high-quality and, if desired, sustainable solutions.

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Toolmaking Company

The properties of an injection moulded or punched article are significantly influenced by the tool. Only high-quality tools can ensure that the resulting plastic parts fulfil the requirements.

Our qualified employees in our affiliated toolmaking company are experts in precision and quality and ensure that our tools meet the highest standards.

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Plastic Injection Moulding

Advancement through technology is our philosophy. We process more than 140 different thermoplastics with our almost 100 fully automatic injection moulding machines, including 2K technology. Both vertical and horizontal injection moulding machines with clamping forces of 20 to 1,150 tons are in operation. This enables us to process injection weights from one half gram to nine kilograms.

Hydraulic, all-electric and hybrid machines from reputable manufacturers guarantee maximum flexibility in the manufacture of high-quality products with exceptional adherence to deadlines.

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Our services also include the printing of your products. The focus is on three processes: screen printing, pad printing and laser printing. In screen printing, the ink is printed onto the substrate (paper, plastic, etc.) with a rubber squeegee through a fine weave fabric. Pad printing is an indirect printing process that has developed into an important process for printing on plastic and metal objects. Laser printing or laser engraving on plastic is a process in which components are labelled using a laser.

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We have our own production area for the professional assembly and further processing of parts produced in-house. This includes, for example, the completion and assembly of several components, or contract assembly for our customers. You will benefit from our many years of experience as well as from saving time and money.

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Storage & Logistics

We also keep an eye on the logistical processes for our customers. In the areas of storage and logistics, we have experienced colleagues, an extensive, secure warehouse and a modern fleet of vehicles, which we are gradually expanding to include electrical technologies. This makes it possible for us to respond flexibly and promptly to our customers' individual wishes.

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