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    plastic injection moulding parts

    Our product range of plastic injection moulding parts includes over 5,000 different parts made of 140 different materials .

    In addition to our extensive injection moulding portfolio, we also offer ECO-Products². These are environmentally compatible plastic injection moulding parts made from recompounds, the production of which reduces plastic waste and at the same time conserves natural resources. Due to the increasing environmental awareness and thus the demand for sustainable products, ECO-Products² have emerged from the ecological awareness of Burwinkel. ECO-Products² are divided into three categories at Burwinkel: ECO-CAPS²: We have already successfully implemented plastic protective elements, i.e. caps and plugs made of recycled and bio-based plastic materials, for a large number of special applications. ECO-CHAIN²: Conveyor chains encapsulated with regenerated plastic material which are used for the transport of solid media. ECO-TEC²: Technical plastic parts, such as plastic pallets, deflection corners or consoles, made of recycled and high-quality plastic granulates.

    In addition to the already existing ECO-Products², we are always on the search for new areas of application and are also happy to produce innovative plastic injection moulding parts from recycled and processed plastics for you.

    We would also be pleased to talk to you about your wishes and our possibilities to produce “plastics at their best” from your ideas. Contact us!

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    For the quality management system in the production and pressing of plastic injection mouldings we are ISO 9001 : 2015 certified.

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