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    Screen printing

    We print your products. Screen printing is a printing process in which the printing ink is pressed with a rubber blade through a fine mesh fabric onto the surface to be printed (paper, plastic, textile, etc.). The fields of application of the screen printing process are extremely large and diverse. It is used in the field of advertising and labelling, but also for industrial applications, in textile and ceramic printing or for artistic prints.

    The advantages of screen printing are due to the fact that different mesh thicknesses can be used to vary the ink application (opaque or glazed). In addition, many different colour tones can be printed. Shaped articles such as bottles, cans or equipment housings can also be printed. Several facilities of different sizes are available in our own printing department, depending on the requirements.

    Pad printing

    Pad printing is an indirect printing process (gravure printing principle), which has become an important process for the printing of plastic and metal surfaces. Everywhere you can find advertising articles, toys or technical parts which have been embellished with the pad printing process. Once again, our experts in the printing department have several facilities at their disposal.

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    For the quality management system in the production and pressing of plastic injection mouldings we are ISO 9001 : 2008 certified.

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