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  • Plastic injection mouldingHow our products are created from plastic granules

    The technology at Burwinkel is impressive. With over 100 fully automatic injection moulding machines in the company, clamping forces of 20 to 1000 tons are possible. Injection weights from half a gram up to 8 kg can be processed. We manufacture a wide range of plastic injection moulded parts for agricultural and materials handling technology, mechanical engineering, automotive and electrical engineering and consumer goods with a glass fibre content of up to 50%. In addition, we offer our customers catalogue items such as LONACAP® plastic protective elements with over 2,000 different caps & plugs and lids & cans. Burwinkel Kunststoffwerk processes more than 140 different thermoplastics. Both vertical and horizontal injection moulding machines are in use. Hydraulic, hybrid and all-electric machines from renowned German manufacturers combined with state-of-the-art networking of all company divisions guarantee maximum flexibility with exceptional adherence to delivery dates of high-quality products.

    2K Technology: Injection moulding of multi-component parts with high structural strength & high quality. The multi-component injection moulding process makes it possible to combine different materials and their properties. The article can be produced in a single work step using the injection moulding machines and tools designed for this purpose.

    But technology alone doesn’t make an extraordinary product.

    To leave new and innovative products and innovations in the field of plastics.

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    For the quality management system in the production and pressing of plastic injection mouldings we are ISO 9001 : 2008 certified.

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